Makebeliefscomix, make your comics!

Makebeliefscomix is an application where you can design your own comics. You can choose from a variety of characters and create your own dialogues. In other words, you can make a whole comic on your own.
Educationally, there are various  ways of using it. You can ask the
students to make a story by using some given words. In addition, you can give them a comic with empty bubbles or missing words and ask them to fill the gaps. . The students will be positively surprised  and more motivated and engaged to your lesson.
The comic can be printed or stored by sending it us an email. It is an easy to use application and it does not need to sign up in order to start creating your comic.

You may see a tutorial below in Greek:

You may see also a more detailed tutorial in English:

This is also one comic strip that was made by my youngest student. He is 8 years old! I am so proud!


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