Fotobabble, Talking photos!

Written By Elinda Gjondedaj

Hello everyone, today I am presenting a simple but quite interesting application. Fotobabble is an online application that allows to add an ‘oral subtitle’ to any image.

It is a simple website to use and all you have to do in order to create your own fotobabble is to sign up. If want to take just a look at the ‘talking photos’ then registration is not required. The output can be easily shared by facebook, twitter or email. What is more, the applications provide a code to embed the photobabble to your site or blog.

Educational Benefits:

Photobbable can be used in various ways educationally. I would use it in my English language classroom in the following ways:

1. Speaking. I would ask my students to create their own photobabble in a specific subject (e.g. favorite activity, country etc). In this manner, my students will practice and develop their speaking skills and will inspire their co-students.

2. Listening. I would play the photobabbles in class or I would ask the students to listen at home their co-students’ work. Then I would ask them to tell me which was their favorite and why (so here is language generation again!).

3. Writing. There are also some follow-up activities that can be done. The students after illustrating their fotobabbles the teacher may assign to write a paragraph or an essay, according to the students’ level, on the theme of their photograph.

4. Tell me your opinion. In what other ways can we use it in class?

You may see a PHOTOBABBLE example here:


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