Make your own comics, Witty Comics

Hello all! I found some other  web 2.0 application  which allows the user to create his/her own comics strips. On this post I will recommend one application that can be used for a higher language level student. The first application that I will present is Witty Comics. On my next posts I will describe and other comic-maker application.

Witty Comics

Witty Comics is an web 2.0 application that enables the user to create his/her  on-line comics. It is advised for an age range 10-15. Unlike other comics-mak  applications the characters are grown-ups and the backgrounds are taken from famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or Acropolis etc and from the business life such as offices. Its is some kind of a fixed comic and you can’t move the characters wherever you want. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting and you can   generate more advanced language. In order to start creating your own comics with this application you just need to sign up using a username and your email address.

Educational uses & benefits of using comics in class:

A comic can be used in various ways in the English Language classroom. The most important element of these comic generators applications is that you can intrude your own content in a more child-friendly manner. The teacher can present or practice the new material in his/her own way. S/he may also assign his/her students to make a comic and practice their language skills.

Reading ( and understanding multimodal text)


From follow up exercises: Speaking and Listening


Later on this blog, I will upload possible lesson plans. If you would like to help me you are welcome.


Examples of what you can do with Witty comics.


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