A Test Generator that you are going to love!

Written by Menelaos Aggatheris:

Are you tired of trying to create a test for your students through the old-fashioned way? Are you of those who cannot stand the photocopying machines? Or are you just a friend of PCs and new technologies, in general? I have the best solution for you!

Few days ago, I came up with a program for creating tests on-line, a so-called “test generator”. The application’s name is ‘testmoz test generator’ and its email address is testmoz.com. Testmoz is a simple test generating application created by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student at Washington State University, Vancouver.

Testmoz is an easy-to-handle application. It needs no registration or log in, that’s why every teacher can use it either they have a good relationship with their computer or not. As soon as you visit its main page, you will come up with some useful information concerning this application along with the two main options of the site, “Make a Test” and “View a Demo”. Through the “Make a Test” option, you will create your own option. I will talk about this option in extent, later. The “View a Demo” option will lead you to a sample test, in order to have a first taste of how the program works and see the different types of questions (True/false, multiple choice, multiple response and fill in the blank questions).

Let’s talk, now, about the creation of your test. Firstly, you click on the “Make a Test” option. Then, you have to insert your test’s name and password (you have to remember the password in order to give it to your students). In the next page, you are given some information about the creation of your test. Again, you have to remember the test URL in order to give it to your students. The “settings” page lets you to Change the quiz name, description and what happens after the quiz is graded. In order to insert your questions, you move to the “questions page” and you click on the “Add New Question” option. Then, you have to select one out of the four types of questions (True/false, multiple choice, multiple response and fill in the blank questions as already mentioned). After you have finished, you click on the “Save and Add New Question” option till you insert all your questions and click “Save”. After finishing that, you only have to publish your test. To do so, you move to the “Publish” page and you click on the red “Publish” button. You can see the results of those who have taken your test on the “Reports” page of the application.

Before I finish my presentation, I will briefly focus on the main advantages of Testmoz (as proposed by the application’s makes, as well):


  • Detailed Reports

See the scores, averages and actual responses to questions. You can even export the data to CSV.

  • No Registration

Neither you nor your test takers have to register.

  • Professional Appearance

The neutral colour scheme works with any business or school.

  • No Ads

You won’t find any text ads, banners, or pop-ups.

  • Passcode Protected

Prevent strangers from taking your test.


I hope that all of you will visit Testmoz.com and find it as fascinating as I found it. I will be waiting responses of those who will use this application!



One thought on “A Test Generator that you are going to love!

  1. Was looking for a test generator and, in this search, stumbled upon your website. Amazing how many great articles with practical information you have. Compliments and please keep up the good work.

    BTW I am not going to use this test generator. For my website I use WordPress and found several plugins for WordPress. For others who want to work with tests in WordPress: go to WordPress.org, Plugin and search for things like … education, learning, quiz, test, exam.
    I found several test generators (with different pros and cons) and now I am going to figure out which one suits best.

    Regards, (from Holland)

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