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If you want to create a lot of presentations using your computer but do not want to have to create slides, is an application that suits you. It is an application that lets you create your own presentation online. The thing which makes this application different from other similar applications(eg. Microsoft PowerPoint) is that you do not have to create different slides. You place your material, such as text, images, videos and other presentation objects on a surface that works like a kind of “canvas”. In this way, you are able to create non-linear presentations and zoom in or out in order to go through all the material you have placed on your presentation, Also, you have the ability to create a “path” in which you will arrange the order in which your material is going to be presented.

Although you may find it difficult to handle Prezi at first, this does not mean that it is a complicated application. This will happen because it is based, as I have already mentioned, on a different concept. On the contrary, Prezi is quite easy to handle and I am sure that you are going to find it fascinating. There are, also, a lot of videos on Youtube showing how Prezi works. In the end of my presentation, I am going to supply you with one of these videos that I found very helpful. Another difference of this application is that it is designed and based on flash. That’s why you are going to need a flash player and a fast Internet connection in order not to “burn” your PC’s CPU.

In order to get started with Prezi, you have to register. Prezi is what we call a “freemium” application. This means that you can work on it either as a free user or as a premium one. The very first thing you have to do in order to register is to choose a license. The first one is the free license, known as the “Public license” which supplies you with 100MB storage space and an offline player. However, your presentation will have the Prezi logo on them and they will be published publicly in Prezi’s showcase. For more storage place and other benefits unfortynately you have to pay some subscriptions. For more details visit their subscriptions page.

The only drawback of Prezi, as mentioned by some users, is that you cannot make changes in the text font. This means that the style/colour of the letters is pre-settled and you have to stick with them.

That’s all I had to say about Prezi. I hope you all try it out and you will see that your presentations are going to be much more attractive and your students will LOVE them!!!!!

Here you can see an example of a prezi presentation:

You are also welcome to see a tutorial to see ways of using this application.


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