Wall.fm – Letting Everybody Have His Own Social Network

If you want to create your own social site and use it in order to come in contact with your students, here is your answer: wall.fm! This is a Web application that lets you built your own social network (such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace) in a few minutes. It is free of charge and I am sure that you will find it very easy to handle.

Wall.fm offers a lot of features. You can upload all your work on your social site and have your students read from their computers instead of distributing your material on sequence in class. You are able to instantly chat with your students and help them solve any problem they may face while reading. Also, the features of using wall.fm’s wiki will be ready soon.

In order to start you have to give a name to your social network and then create the network’s web address. You may also write a tagline and a small description for your site. After that, you have to select the site’s theme (there are many to choose from) and register your profile. Bear in mind that you can connect via your Facebook account! And that’s all, fellows, your social network is ready. You have to manage your material and invite your students to join it.

One thing you ought to know is that wall.fm protects your network from being deleted or destroyed. That’s why you do not have to be afraid that your work might be lost. In order to learn more, visit the wall.fm home page and read the “Open source community software” part. Click on the “Learn more” option to read the whole passage.

The only drawback of wall.fm is that you might be asked to pay a small amount of money if you want to use some of the premium features of the website.

That’s all I had to say about wall.fm. Once again, I want to highlight that creating your own social network is a great way to store your work, come in contact with your students and help them overcome any difficulty they may face.


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