Poster yourself!(Text, Images, Music and Video)

If you have a classroom full of teenagers and you do not know how to make your lesson more interesting for them, here is your answer:! But what is Glogster is a social network, based totally on flash, that allows users to create their own online posts which are called “glogs”. Glogs are interactive. This means that the readers of the glogs can insert things on it and, generally, contribute on their content.

Now, you may wonder how you can create your own glog. I have to admit that it is quite simple. At first, you have to register in the application for free and here you are. As soon as you subcribe for you can create your glogs easily. You are able to add to your posts backgrounds, images, videos, text, graphics, audio files and other staff either from’s gallery or from your own files. Your glogs can be shared with other people on the web, such as your students. Also, you have the ability to download and save them on computer-compatible formats.

An other part of is Glogster EDU. Glogster EDU was launched in order to serve teaching purposes. It allows teachers and students to use glogs for education. The procedure to create your glogs on Glogster EDU is the same as on the A difference between these two apps is that Glogster EDU is not free. It is up to you which one to choose.

Many of you will wonder why to use My answer is that it has many advantages for the young learners. As you will realize, since it was first launched in 2007, Glogster is very popular among teenagers in many countries around the world. That’s why your students will find it fascinating to use a so entertaining social application for teaching them. Also, you can share your glogs on your Facebook or Twitter account with your students. Teenagers check out their accounts everyday, believe me. Do not forget… lets students express their imagination and ideas freely and we, as their educators, should listen to them and take their opinions into consideration.


Here is an example of a glogster used for educational purposes. You may broswe in the application to see other instances.This particular glogster is a book review from a student:

Example of an educational glogster



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