Quick Start Tips for New Twitters

It’s easy to forget how intimidating Twitter can be to new users once you’ve used it for awhile. So here are some of quick tips to getting started using twitter.
Most important aspects of setting up your account are:

1. Use a twitter username that makes it easier for others to relate to you as a real person. e.g. Compare spwat3 with suewaters — which is easier?
2. Your username can be changed anytime without affecting your twitter account by changing your name in the username field in your account settings.
3. Make sure you complete your one line bio and add your blog URL (if applicable) in account settings because people use this information to decide whether they will add you to their account.

4. Make sure you upload your twitter avatar asap — important to fit in and not look like a new user. Upload it by clicking on picture tab in account settings.

5. Don’t ask start inviting people to follow you on twitter until you’ve updated i.e. start writing some tweets first!!! Why would anyone follow you if you haven’t even bothered to update?
6. Easiest way to find and add people to your twitter account is to ask an experienced twitter user to ask their twitter network to add you. Make sure when they do start adding them you add them back plus thank them for adding you to their account!!!

This article was found in suewaters.com. That’s why there is her name in the tips. I tried to create a summary but her article was so comprehensive that I preferred to share it without many moderations.


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