Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds

Wordle: Untitled

If you want to have an image of which terms or words you use more frequently while you write, Wordle.net is the application that you should use. Wordle is an application for generating “word clouds” from a text you have provided. But what is a “word cloud”? It is a visual depiction of words that make up the content of a web site. Words that exist in a “word cloud” are known as tags.

It is quite easy to make your own “word clouds”. Wordle.net needs no registration. The procedure goes as follow:

  • At first, you go to the website wordle.net

  • You click on the “Create” icon.

  • Then, you input your text and the URL of any blog, blog feed, or any other web page. You can also enter your del.icio.us username in order to upload your “word cloud”.

  • You click “Submit” and that’s it. Your “word cloud” is ready.

The procedure is very easy and fast. As you will see, Wordle gives prominence to words that appear more frequently in your text. However, you are able to make any change you want on the words’ font, size, colour and layout. As it is also mentioned in the site’s homepage, the “word clouds” you create are yours and you can use them in any way you want.

In my opinion, the major teaching perspective of Wordle is that you can accompany every text that you upload on the Internet and is going to be read by your students with an image in which you will summarize and highlight the most important terms. In this way, the students will pay more attention on them.

I am also sharing an interesting post about Wordle: Top 20 Uses for Wordle 


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