MICCAM – Create sentences with Video Vocabulary

If you want a new way of how to make your students become more interested in creating different sentences and familiarizing with different accents, here is your answer: your.miccam.com! The whole website is a video vocabulary. Its homepage consists of hundreds of different words. What can the visitors of this website do?

Your.miccam.com has many different uses.

The first of these uses is that the users are able to combine words and create many different sentences. In order to combine the words, the only thing that visitors have to do is to click on the words they want. They can send these sentences to every person they want through their facebook or twitter account or their e-mail address.

Users have also the ability to record and upload to the site any word they want by using the “Record Your Word” option.

Another use of this website is that users can familiarize with different accents, since each word that exists in this website has been recorded by people of different countries. They are able to listen to different people speaking and they practice their listening skill.

When you visit your.miccam.com do not forget to have a look on the “Create Your Chain” option. This is a special function that gives the users the opportunity to record a 3-second long video. Then, they can connect these videos with each other and create a funny story for a special occasion (eg the birthday of one of their friends). There are also some videos already available in order to get an inspiration. Do not forget to click on the “Sentences Gallery” option. Here, the visitors have a first taste of how the application goes on. I think that this option is a good way to start using this application.

You may wonder how you can use this application with your students. Here is your answer. Through this application, young students can practice on many things. By listening to different accents, they will get familiar with real-spoken English language. By combining words in order to make phrases and sentences, they develop their creativity. Also, you can have them record their own sentences in order to test their pronunciation and their speaking skills in general. I hope you find this application worth visiting!


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