#ELTchat, A ready-made PLN for ELT Professionals

 Every Wednesday at 12:00 & at 21:00 London time a discussion is conducted on Twitter about ELT subjects. Professional English teachers gather all together and chat about current ELT topics. You may follow this chat on twitter here: #ELTchat. The moderator of this chat is Greek! She is Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C).

If you don’t have time to chat live with the professional teachers, there is a summary uploaded on their site eltchat.com

Here is a short adoption from their site from last week’s elt chat on Storytelling and how it can be used for pedagogical purposes:

Once upon a time there were a group of teachers who got together and formed a group of professionals on twitter discusssing topics relevant to ELT. On Wednesday 18th May in the evening session we discussed: The use of ‘storytelling’ in class, (real storytelling, reading stories to our learners, using storybooks with YL and teenagers, digital storytelling).

I have to say when I saw the topic , I was very excited. I even volunteered to write up the chat before we started, such was my excitement. Although we touched on reading stories to our learners and using storybooks, the main focus, was on how to get students to create, tell and re-tell stories. As usual the pace was fast and furious and I hope that I can do all 43 pages justice!

Storytelling is one of those great lessons where students are mostly in control and have freedom to be creative.

Why should we use stories in class?

Marisa Constantinides: Stories are extremely powerful when learning and teaching English.

Theteacherjames: I think the joy of storytelling is that it’s universal, across all ages and; cultures.

Marisa Constantinides: Story telling is an essential part of communication in our daily lives so very important to teach the skill of narration.

Shelly Terrell: Getting students to tell personal stories motivates them to use language that is relevant to them.

Marisa Constantinides: I think everyone likes storytelling- from fairy tales to anecdotes, stories from our daily lives.

David Warr: Everyone loves stories, well, good ones.

This summary was written by @Fuertesun  and can be also found on her blog.

You may also find an index of the previous subjects of ‘chating’ here.

2 thoughts on “#ELTchat, A ready-made PLN for ELT Professionals

  1. I love joining in with #eltchat. It actually happens twice on a Wednesday – the second time is at 21:00 London time (as you said), but there is also an earlier chat at 12:00 London time too. Look forward to seeing you there!

    • Thank you Sandy! I only knew the late one!(Seems that someone spends her nights in front of a computer!). Sure see you there! Can’t wait till Wednesday!!

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