Blogging with Students Challenge #1 Why to blog with your students

A blog offers a kind of asynchronous education. What are the elements that make a blog a useful tool to use in class?

The motivating element


Students interface with something completely different from what they are used to. They become so much involved to things that they forget that they are learning. In fact, they are having fun. They enjoy themselves in the activities that they are engaged. Most of the students love to write posts, share and collaborate.

Practice and develop reading and writing skills

You, as a teacher you may assign to your students to write posts, read your posts and their co-students work. They will be motivated to write more and read more. (Teacher evaluation & assessment but also peer assessment)

Attach media (pictures, videos etc)

Every student has his/her own personality. Some are visual types, some reading or writing types. A blog may fill all the student’s needs.You and your students may want to share interesting pictures, videos, graphs and a blog is one of the best way to do it.

Communication is strengthen

Students communicate with each other and with the teacher. There is a greater team spirit.

Improve self-confidence

When a students feels that s/he contributes something useful, this results in a feeling of achievement. We need students that feel good for themselves and their language and general skills. The more the students feel self-confident to the lesson, the most effective your teaching will be.

 Parents can have an overview of their child work

An important element in the parent partnership with the classroom.

 Digital portofolio

The students will keep a track of their writings in a blog. It can be an individual or a class blog. Then, they can go back and forth and check their works.

Keep up with the Blogging with Students Challenge. In my next post I will give practical guidelines on how to set up a class blog.


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