Create tutorials in one click with

 What is Tildee?   

 Tildee is a free web tool that allows you to create a tutorial on any subject and instantly share it with your students. Otherwise you can assign to your students to make a tutorial about a subject. You can add photos, videos and google maps.

     What makes Tildee special?

What makes tildee special is the clear user-friendly interface. The user has just to click the +create your own tutorial button and start working. Not to mention that it is completely free and you do not even have  to give your e-mail. Registration is not required to start writting.

It is not the perfect application for making lengthy tutorials or it does not take screen shots. Nevertheless,  it is just  perfect to use with students as it is a simple application and free to use.


Reading: Create your tutorials and show them to your students. Design reading comprehension activities etc.

Listening: Add a video and ask your students to add the rubrics.

Writting: Ask your students to create their own tutorials as a class activity or as homework.

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