Fauxflash: Create easily free online flash cards

  Fauxflash is a free web application that creates digital flash cards. You can add text and images at your flash cards.  As the designer of this application highlights:

”Fauxflash is an online application that takes the hassle out of flash cards and lets you get right to studying.”

I have just tried this app and I found it really easy to use. It is really handy to use with your students. You have just to sign up and start creating your cards. It is great to use with a various level of learners. I have just created a lesson plan for my young learners. We are going to practice the jobs vocabulary (eg. doctor, actor, singer, cook, nurse etc). I added from the one side the picture and from the other the word.

Special Features:

  • The people involved in this project have announced the release of Android & Apple application! Imagine to carry your digital flash cards everywhere!
  • You can share your flash cards online.
  • User friendly environment.
  • Attach pictures.

Some minor cons:

  •   It would be great if the user could print the flash cards (not so environmental friendly but we have to think about these students that do not have internet access.
  • I would be stunned if I could attach video files.

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