, Create and Share Video Presentations is a free online application in which you can create video or voice presentations. The procedure is really simple. You only have to upload a PowerPoint file and then start recording your video or your voice.

Knovio adds personality to your presentations. It adds your voice and your face and the result is personalized and more effective presentations. It is a perfect tool for presenters but also for teachers. I have assigned to one of my students to make me a presentation of the environmental issues and he came back with a perfect presentation. He told me that this tool helped him a lot with his speaking skills.

Special features:

  • Webcam or voice recording next to your presentation
  • User friendly environment
  • Sharing & publishing instantly to private spaces or your social networks
  • Excellent results
  • Make changes without  the need for video editing software or skills
  • Share privately and invite your audience
  • The viewers can send you instantly feedback


  • Sometimes (according to the internet connection) the webcam video gets stuck.

I tried knovi myself and I prepared a video. Please excuse me for my anxiety. It really was the first time that I have recorded myself in a video. In order to see the video you have to click on the picture and it will link you to the video presentation:

Here are some pictures from the operational side of the application:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “, Create and Share Video Presentations

  1. Hi Elinda,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Knovio.

    Seems to be useful to you!

    Regarding the webcam video sometimes getting stuck: internet bandwidth differs from place to place globally, which that can cause this.

    It’s great to get feedback directly from our users – keep it coming.


    KnowledgeVision / Knovio

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