Create Online Personalized Newspapers

Here are some applications that will help ypu create your online personilzed newspapers that will help you gather and share interesting news. I personally use the first one but the two others are equally good.!  is an online application which allows you create a topic, add some key words and then the application finds related posts from facebook, twitter, blogs etc. You can then curate the posts to your digital newspaper and share it to social media. works the same way as You name your newspaper and you add key words and sources from where the news will be found. You can then share your newspaper online.

Trap!t captures what you want from the internet. You add your key words and interests and the application ”traps” your post that might interest you. You can log in from your Twitter or facebook acoount or you can simply sign up with an email.


2 thoughts on “Create Online Personalized Newspapers

  1. Hi,
    Glad to see the new generation of Greek educators have caught the train of web 2.0.
    Another tool Google users may find very useful is Google capture. Simple and easy to use!

    It came in handy just a few days ago to capture the Google map of our world connections and it worked miracles,

    Effie Kyrikakis

    • Hello Effie! Thank you for stopping by and commenting at my blog. It is a great pleasure to meet greek educators who are involved with Web 2.0.

      Thank you for your recommendation. I will add it to my list soon.

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