My top 11 blog posts from ’11

Magic in Education! is a blog that was created for the needs of a presentation on technology in the classsroom. Me and my collegue Makis Aggatheris were assigned to create a 3 hour workshop on New Technologies in Teaching. While we were preparing the workshop I came with an idea of having a blog where the participants can visit and see the links that I suggest them to visit. When the workshop was over, I decided to maintain the blog and keep publishing my ideas on technology in classroom. It is now 8 months amd it has been already visited from visitors from all over the world.

Here you can see my top 11 blog posts (according to the blog’s statistics) from ’11:

11. Make your own comics, Witty Comics

10. Penzu, your own personal journal and online diary

9Using Blogs in Education

8Wallwisher, Words that Stick!

7. Social Networks in Education

6How we created an interactive whiteboard with low cost!!

5. Web 2.0 apps

4. – Creating ashtonishing presentations

3.  How to create your own superhero comic

 2. 30+1  Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom


1. Poster your self! (Text, Images, Music and Video)


LittleBirdTales: Capturing the Voice of Childhood

    LittleBirdTales lets you easily create digital tales in which you can add text, photos and add you own voice. It is great for  young learners learners who learn English as a second language because the student can add their own voice (speaking skills), they can write rubrics to the pictures (writing skills). This application allows to children to be creative and express themselves. It is really made with the kids in mind as it is very user friendly and  all the website’s design is mainly  addressed to kids.

Special Features:

  • Add photos or create your own drawings by virtual drawing
  • Add your own voice
  • Embed to your site
  • Real kids friendly envornment


  • Limit to the tales that you can produce (25MB space)

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Here  is a video which the designers of the website shared:

Little Bird Tales: Capture the Voice of Childhood. We offer a fun, unique way to create, record and share stories online. Kids can make drawings, upload photos or artwork and record their voice online, creating a slideshow format book, then share it with family and friends as gifts or a keepsake. Environmentally friendly and great for schools, too.

Create tutorials in one click with

 What is Tildee?   

 Tildee is a free web tool that allows you to create a tutorial on any subject and instantly share it with your students. Otherwise you can assign to your students to make a tutorial about a subject. You can add photos, videos and google maps.

     What makes Tildee special?

What makes tildee special is the clear user-friendly interface. The user has just to click the +create your own tutorial button and start working. Not to mention that it is completely free and you do not even have  to give your e-mail. Registration is not required to start writting.

It is not the perfect application for making lengthy tutorials or it does not take screen shots. Nevertheless,  it is just  perfect to use with students as it is a simple application and free to use.


Reading: Create your tutorials and show them to your students. Design reading comprehension activities etc.

Listening: Add a video and ask your students to add the rubrics.

Writting: Ask your students to create their own tutorials as a class activity or as homework.

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Create Multimedia Teaching Activities with Educaplay

   I have just discovered one of the best activity generator applications. I am talking about Educaplay.

 What is Educaplay?

Educaplay is an online application that  allows you create your own teaching activities with an attractive professional result. It is a free application and the only thing that you need is a web broswer with flash plugin. You can choose from a variety of activities to create:


Special Features:

  • Statistics go to the teacher (results and timing of the exercise)
  • Multilingual activities (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Galician, Catalan, Basque)
  • Really proffessional results
  • Embed to website, blog, wiki etc
  • Create groups for your class
  • Share the exercises on social media
  • Some activities  like dictation and diologues allow voice recording

Here are some examples of the activities that you can create:

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Want to learn more about Educaplay? Here is a video tutorial: Study English with fun, free ESL video quizzes

Are you looking for an alternative way of testing?  is what you are searching for. What is so special about  ESLvideo? In this website you can make quizzes and embed a video next to it. As a matter of fact, you can make listening comprehension activities and quizzes more interactive and attractive for learners. Here is an example:


  • User-friendly
  • Complete Guidelines
  • Teacher receives student scores
  • Instant feedback
  • Embed to blog, wiki or website
  • Sometimes the videos get disabled or removed

Got interested? Let’s see how to create your own quiz!

In order to start making your quizzes you should register with your email and create your own account. While you register bare in mind that it would be better to use your real name as the username. It will be easier  for your students to use. For example, ElindaG or MsGjondedaj.

After signing up you will see at your screen a step by step guide on how to embed your video to your quiz.

After reading the guidelines you will see a form that you should add your information like the title of your quiz, the level. In order to get the code to embed your video you should go to the Youtube video, send —> embed and the code will appear. You should copy this code and paste it in the Video Embed Code blank.

After adding all the requested information you go to step 2 where you add the questions to your activity. It is important that you should indicate properly the linguistic level of the test because your test will be categorized after creating it. The levels category that are included are: beginning, low intermediate, high intermediate, high intermediate.


Last but not least,  there is an element that makes this quiz maker unique. When a student decides to do one of the activities, if s/he writes the teacher code before the test, the score goes straight to the teacher. So, you can know anytime your student’s performance.

MICCAM – Create sentences with Video Vocabulary

If you want a new way of how to make your students become more interested in creating different sentences and familiarizing with different accents, here is your answer:! The whole website is a video vocabulary. Its homepage consists of hundreds of different words. What can the visitors of this website do? has many different uses.

The first of these uses is that the users are able to combine words and create many different sentences. In order to combine the words, the only thing that visitors have to do is to click on the words they want. They can send these sentences to every person they want through their facebook or twitter account or their e-mail address.

Users have also the ability to record and upload to the site any word they want by using the “Record Your Word” option.

Another use of this website is that users can familiarize with different accents, since each word that exists in this website has been recorded by people of different countries. They are able to listen to different people speaking and they practice their listening skill.

When you visit do not forget to have a look on the “Create Your Chain” option. This is a special function that gives the users the opportunity to record a 3-second long video. Then, they can connect these videos with each other and create a funny story for a special occasion (eg the birthday of one of their friends). There are also some videos already available in order to get an inspiration. Do not forget to click on the “Sentences Gallery” option. Here, the visitors have a first taste of how the application goes on. I think that this option is a good way to start using this application.

You may wonder how you can use this application with your students. Here is your answer. Through this application, young students can practice on many things. By listening to different accents, they will get familiar with real-spoken English language. By combining words in order to make phrases and sentences, they develop their creativity. Also, you can have them record their own sentences in order to test their pronunciation and their speaking skills in general. I hope you find this application worth visiting! Poster yourself!(Text, Images, Music and Video)

If you have a classroom full of teenagers and you do not know how to make your lesson more interesting for them, here is your answer:! But what is Glogster is a social network, based totally on flash, that allows users to create their own online posts which are called “glogs”. Glogs are interactive. This means that the readers of the glogs can insert things on it and, generally, contribute on their content.

Now, you may wonder how you can create your own glog. I have to admit that it is quite simple. At first, you have to register in the application for free and here you are. As soon as you subcribe for you can create your glogs easily. You are able to add to your posts backgrounds, images, videos, text, graphics, audio files and other staff either from’s gallery or from your own files. Your glogs can be shared with other people on the web, such as your students. Also, you have the ability to download and save them on computer-compatible formats.

An other part of is Glogster EDU. Glogster EDU was launched in order to serve teaching purposes. It allows teachers and students to use glogs for education. The procedure to create your glogs on Glogster EDU is the same as on the A difference between these two apps is that Glogster EDU is not free. It is up to you which one to choose.

Many of you will wonder why to use My answer is that it has many advantages for the young learners. As you will realize, since it was first launched in 2007, Glogster is very popular among teenagers in many countries around the world. That’s why your students will find it fascinating to use a so entertaining social application for teaching them. Also, you can share your glogs on your Facebook or Twitter account with your students. Teenagers check out their accounts everyday, believe me. Do not forget… lets students express their imagination and ideas freely and we, as their educators, should listen to them and take their opinions into consideration.


Here is an example of a glogster used for educational purposes. You may broswe in the application to see other instances.This particular glogster is a book review from a student:

Example of an educational glogster



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