Get Free Pictures from – photos without borders –  is a great website that contains a really huge number of pictures that can be used for about anything. They are free and the user has the right to download and use them without giving any credits. You have to sign up in order to start using the photos but the registration is free.

Here are the categories of pictures that are included:

What is also  commendable about this site is that it gives you the option to create a lightbox folder where you can bookmark pictures that can be downloaded or used later. You can also share your lightbox folder to social media (students, collegues etc).

Here are some screenshots of this website:

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My top 11 blog posts from ’11

Magic in Education! is a blog that was created for the needs of a presentation on technology in the classsroom. Me and my collegue Makis Aggatheris were assigned to create a 3 hour workshop on New Technologies in Teaching. While we were preparing the workshop I came with an idea of having a blog where the participants can visit and see the links that I suggest them to visit. When the workshop was over, I decided to maintain the blog and keep publishing my ideas on technology in classroom. It is now 8 months amd it has been already visited from visitors from all over the world.

Here you can see my top 11 blog posts (according to the blog’s statistics) from ’11:

11. Make your own comics, Witty Comics

10. Penzu, your own personal journal and online diary

9Using Blogs in Education

8Wallwisher, Words that Stick!

7. Social Networks in Education

6How we created an interactive whiteboard with low cost!!

5. Web 2.0 apps

4. – Creating ashtonishing presentations

3.  How to create your own superhero comic

 2. 30+1  Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom


1. Poster your self! (Text, Images, Music and Video)

A Christmas Lesson Plan: Write a Letter to Santa Clause

Dear Santa.... (Photo taken from

The 25th of December is approaching and I was thinking of giving a proper ”goodbye” lesson for the Christmas holiday to my students. Thanks God my experiment was successful and I received a lot of hugs from my 10 year old students) at the end of the lesson. What did I ask them?

”Write a letter to Santa Clause! Present yourself, Tell him about your likes and dislikes and tell him what you want him to bring  you for Christmas”

Short Lesson Plan:


  • Writing. Learn to self-present
  • Grammar. Practice Present Simple using I like/I don’t like.
  • Vocabulary. Revise Christmas vocabulary


  • Printed Santa Clause Letters. I had mine from last year but here is one that I found on the internet or you can easily make yours on a word processor:
  • Love and excitement!

Christmas Letter. Credited to

You can find more word and publisher templates here.

Warm-up activities:

  • Chat about Christmas and Christmas traditions. Ask them what kids do in Christmas eg carols, gifts etc.
  • Announce that you expect them to write a letter to Santa Clause.

Before Writing:

  • Teacher explains the writing activity.How start, paragraph and end the letter. Make sure that you ask them exactly that you expect from them.

While Writing:

  • Help the students with any unknown vocabulary or any other inquiry.

After Writing

  • Ask them to read their letters aloud (some peer review subtly conducted)

The whole procedure lasts about 30 minutes. My students were excited throughout the activity and they could not wait to go home and to place the letters under the Christmas tree.

I am thinking to take it a step further and reply to their letters. I have not decided yet. I wish every one MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxoxoxo

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Reflections from #TeachMeet International

Last Saturday 17/12/11, an event very different from others took place online. TeachMeet International shared energy and lots of inspiration. TeachMeet was organised and moderated by Arjana Blazic (a wonderful educator from Croatia), Brat Verswijvel (an educator from Belgium) also Sonja Lusic Rodosevic (Arjana’s collegue).

Why was Teach Meet so special?

What was unique about this TeachMeeting was the fact that every speaker had just three minutes to describe a project that have conducted with his/her students. What is more, the most commendable aspect was the really international nature of this event. We were all flying together to Croatia, Wales, Switzerland, Argentina, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Spain, India and Romania. It was really an intecontinental event.

During this event, I had the chance to listen at great micro presentations, meet and chat with:

  • Vicky Loras (@vickyloras) from Switzerland  – she talked about  Multiculturalism in Education.
  • Ann Loseva (@annloseva) from Moscow –  she talked about her genuine idea with ELTworkplaces as a way to go with Posterous
  • Guido (@europeantje) from Belgium – he talked about student blogging with… you guessed it: Posterous!
  • Vladimira Michalkova (@vladkaslniecko) from Slovakia – she talked about bookmariking students’s dreams
  • Yitzha Sarwono (@yitzha_sarwono) from Indonesia – she showed as how she applied  dogme  teaching in Montessori kindergarten classroom
  • Chiew Pang (@aClilToClimb) from Spain – gave  us a lot of tips and ideas for  Wordle in the classroom
  • Cherry Mathew Philipose (@cherrymp)  from India – he talked to us about Community Listening
  • Chuck Sandy (@chucksandy) from Japan – he taught  us how to step back as teachers and let the students learn

and many others! You can see the whole list here.

TeachMeet International Speakers

I am so happy to be a part of such a strong PLN which shares, interacts, helps, collaborates. THANK YOU everyone for everything that you do. You really inspire me and make do my best for me and my students.

Missed it? Dont worry here is the recording. Just write your name and sign in to microsoft meeting.

I can’t wait for the next TeachMeet event. Arjana, Brat and Sonja thank you for letting me being a part of it.

Till then let’s enjoy TeachMeet the movie created by Bart:


You can find my presentation here:

Revise Grammar with

Grammar Monster offer free English Grammar tips on punctuation, part of speech and confused words. It is a kind of an online descriptive grammar. It offers examples to illustrate the proper use of grammar and for practice test questions.

It can be used with students of an intermediate level that want to look up their grammar. Most of the lessons have basic grammar as assumed knowledge and are have as an objective to increase the understanding to some key concepts.

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The Best Christmas Teaching Resources

Christmas is coming and it is time to share the happiness in our classroom and adjust some christmas activities in our lesson plans. Here you can find the best Christmas resources:

  • Esol Courses provides a really wide range of Christmas activities for every level. (Beginners to advanced). Click here to visit the Christmas section.

  • TeacherStuff Holiday Page hundreds of Christmas texts and activities for Christmas. I would really recommend this site for young learners. It contains  a lot of Christmas texts, poems, songs, carols, pictures to colour, handcrafts etc. It really worths visiting.

  • LearnEnglishKids powered by the British Council contains lots of quality educational Christmas games.
  • The Children’s Chapel is a great website that contains a lot of Christmas stories, coloring, activities and songs.

  • Teaching Ideas shares a bunch of great  teaching ideas to use with your classroom. It also contains motivating Christmas pictures, videos, banners, games, jokes, and links.

Help me build this link. If you know a website that shares quality  Christmas Resourses for students, please leave me a comment.

The best hashtags for #education


Twitter is a great tool for professional development. Many educators share their teaching experiences and so many tips. Being a newly qualified teacher, I personally learned so much things that helped me with my teaching. Under these hashtags someone can find really great educators who share and are willing to help as well as interesting chats.

Here are the hashtags

  • #ELTchat
  • #Edchat
  • #Edtech
  • #Edchatie
  • #Educoach
  • #Elemchat
  • #Earlyed
  • #Eltpics
  • #Engchat
  • #Lrnchat
  • #Teachpreschool
  • #TESOL
  • #TESOLFrance

Help me build this list. If you know an educational hashtag that you participate and it worths sharing please leave me a comment or contact me at the contact page.

The reality of a school from Nepal

I have recently connected on facebook with an educator from a school from Nepal,  Govinda Prasad Panthy. He was so kind and agreed to share with me and my blog readers his teaching experiences. Here is what Govinda told me about his school, his life and his teaching.

The Bhaktapur village:

                     The students:

Vision of the SAV School:

Rural students at the SAVSchool will attain an education from caring instructors that will prepare them for life in modern day Nepal while helping them build a personal vision for a positive future for themselves and those around them.

Who is Govinda:

I was brought up in a poor rural farmer’s family but my parents never stopped me going to school. I started going to school when i was 8 and I always came first in all the classes till Grade 10. Having passed Grade 10 we had to leave our village for higher studies. So I moved toKathmanduvalley (capital) with my brother. I had to find a job for living myself since my parents were not at the level of supporting me financially. But i wanted to continue my further studies. I got an opportunity to teach in an English medium private school nearKathmandu; that was in Bhaktapur town. I joined for I.A (Intermediate in Arts) in an evening campus and continued teaching at the school as a primary math teacher. Having finished I.A., I studied B.Ed. to become a teacher. I couldn’t attend my classes in the college as I had to do my teaching job at school for my two ends meet.

When I was in the final year, one of my friends from Bageshwori (village, where I’m now, near Bhaktapur town) requested me to start an English medium school in his village. I surveyed and decided to help villagers as I knew the painful educational situation of village children. People who were really illiterate and poor were willing to help me for starting an English medium school but those who could send their children to the town were not so much positive. I visited and sat on discussion with the village people three times and reached on decision to start an English medium school as the children of the village had to walk more than  an hour to reach English medium schools in the town. The paths would be muddy in the rainy season and dusty in the winter and summer. There was no bus service. We do not have regular bus service yet due to the poor and narrow roads. For those reasons, I started Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan (SAV School) with 13 children of the village in 1998. As I was brought up in the remote rural area ofNepal, I’ve experienced and could realize the situation of rural family students. Regarding financial problems I used to recycle papers myself. (eg; I used to write in ink on sheets of paper. I would collect them and when my new sheets of paper finished, I would dip them in soap water (water with castic soda)  and dry them up in the sun and would reuse them.) I used to make and sell materials from bamboo for buying pen, books and paper and would pay exam fees. We never had lunch at school. Though I was the school topper at study, I was once kicked out from the exam hall since my parents couldn’t pay nominal exam. fee on time,  etc. These bitter events of my childhood experience and the educational status and the willingness of the parents to educate their children/grandchildren in English medium pushed me to decide to start an English medium school.

I hired one of my college friends to teach these innocent 13 students in my absence. Next year the number of students increased. More villagers sent their children to school as they knew our hard work. Gradually the number of students increased and we went on upgrading the school every year. We have 10 classrooms from Nursery to grade 6. We had 127 students last year.

The proud teacher:

Problems the school faces:

New school begins in mid April. Unfortunately a number of students(more than 30) dropped out this year due to lack of school’s funding on hiring good teachers, lack of school supplies other basic infrastrural facilities. School collects $3 to $6 from the parents of the students, and each teacher gets below $50 each month which is really a low pay comparatively to the public school teachers. To hire a moderated/capable reachers we need to play at least $100+ every month.  Me (the founder Director of the SAV School) have been working in a public school as a teacher so that I can get better salary there and pay my teachers who teach at the SAV. I really want to spend my time with the SAV students, but it’s a pity, I can’t give them full time due to the financial crisis at the SAV. To solve this problem to some extent, I’m working as a part time English teacher in a nearby public school which is about 40 minutes walk from the SAV School. Indeed the SAV students and guardians want me full time at the SAV School. I’ve come to know the potentiality of the technology. I’d love to expand it and bring it into my real classrooms.

I’ve been trying to collect help for short term and long term projects for School Improvement (Physical development/ Educational betterment) so that the SAV School can open the door for all the school going ages. Any sort of help will be highly appreciated.


SAV School along with the partner or donor agencies aims to reach the following goals:

1. to strenthen Financial position of the school so that teachers and other staffs are well paid.

2. to bring modern technology into the SAV School classroom.

3. to establish well furnished school library (SL) and computer lab with intenet connectivity and Science lab.

4. to bring technology into the classroom to integrate in teaching.

5. to build own school building on its own property.

6. to bring materials of the games and sports .

Here are some pictures from the school life:

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The shcool is located in Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur, Nepal  and if you would like to contact Govinda you can find him on facebook  here.

Than you so much Govinda!

 Would you like to share your own teaching experience from your country? You are welcome! Please prepare a post, add some pictures and send them to me. (

Practice grammar with

ESL Games World is an online website that contains a lot of grammar games. The games are categorized by the grammatical phenomenons and by level. You can also find other printable games and PowerPoint games. These games are really interactive and make learning grammar fun. The most commendable about this website is the great variety of activities that includes. The only disadvantage is the excessive use of ads.

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