Social Networks in Education


Using Facebook in the Classroom

Using MySpace or Facebook Strengthens Communication

30+1 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

Examples of Class facebook profiles/groups

Examples of Facebook Educators’ Profiles


Twitter in education

Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter

Quick Start Tips for New Twitters

Examples of Classes’ Twitter Accounts

Examples of Educators’ Twitter Accounts

#ELTchats, A ready-made PLN for ELT Professionals

Twitter Lesson Plan


Not Digital ‘Natives’ & ‘Immigrants’ but ‘Visitors’ & ‘Residents’ 

Wallwisher, Words that Stick! – Letting Everybody Have His Own Social Network


2 thoughts on “Social Networks in Education

  1. Edmodo is a great program that we use in our school to educate children in grades 3-6 about Social Networking. It is private and safe. Teachers create groups that students join with a special user code. All activity is monitored by teachers who can moderate, edit and delete inappropriate content. It’s a fantastic tool!

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