A Christmas Lesson Plan: Write a Letter to Santa Clause

Dear Santa.... (Photo taken from operationsanta.com)

The 25th of December is approaching and I was thinking of giving a proper ”goodbye” lesson for the Christmas holiday to my students. Thanks God my experiment was successful and I received a lot of hugs from my 10 year old students) at the end of the lesson. What did I ask them?

”Write a letter to Santa Clause! Present yourself, Tell him about your likes and dislikes and tell him what you want him to bring  you for Christmas”

Short Lesson Plan:


  • Writing. Learn to self-present
  • Grammar. Practice Present Simple using I like/I don’t like.
  • Vocabulary. Revise Christmas vocabulary


  • Printed Santa Clause Letters. I had mine from last year but here is one that I found on the internet or you can easily make yours on a word processor:
  • Love and excitement!

Christmas Letter. Credited to blog.christmaslettertips.com

You can find more word and publisher templates here.

Warm-up activities:

  • Chat about Christmas and Christmas traditions. Ask them what kids do in Christmas eg carols, gifts etc.
  • Announce that you expect them to write a letter to Santa Clause.

Before Writing:

  • Teacher explains the writing activity.How start, paragraph and end the letter. Make sure that you ask them exactly that you expect from them.

While Writing:

  • Help the students with any unknown vocabulary or any other inquiry.

After Writing

  • Ask them to read their letters aloud (some peer review subtly conducted)

The whole procedure lasts about 30 minutes. My students were excited throughout the activity and they could not wait to go home and to place the letters under the Christmas tree.

I am thinking to take it a step further and reply to their letters. I have not decided yet. I wish every one MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxoxoxo

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The Best Christmas Teaching Resources

Christmas is coming and it is time to share the happiness in our classroom and adjust some christmas activities in our lesson plans. Here you can find the best Christmas resources:

  • Esol Courses provides a really wide range of Christmas activities for every level. (Beginners to advanced). Click here to visit the Christmas section.

  • TeacherStuff Holiday Page hundreds of Christmas texts and activities for Christmas. I would really recommend this site for young learners. It contains  a lot of Christmas texts, poems, songs, carols, pictures to colour, handcrafts etc. It really worths visiting.

  • LearnEnglishKids powered by the British Council contains lots of quality educational Christmas games.
  • The Children’s Chapel is a great website that contains a lot of Christmas stories, coloring, activities and songs.

  • Teaching Ideas shares a bunch of great  teaching ideas to use with your classroom. It also contains motivating Christmas pictures, videos, banners, games, jokes, and links.

Help me build this link. If you know a website that shares quality  Christmas Resourses for students, please leave me a comment.