Web 2.0 apps

Here you can find an index of all the web 2.0 applications that I suggest:

1.Photopeach (online slideshows)

2. Tikatok (online writer for kids)

3.BBC Bitesize Revision for Writing (online writing activities)

4.280slides (prepare online your presentations)

5.Makebeliefscomix (create online your comic strip)

6.Wallwisher (create online your announcement board)

7.English Grammar Lessons


9. Witty Comics

10. Testmoz (Test Generator)

11. Penzu (Online journal)

12. Superhero Squad Show Comic Maker

13. Prezi (Create astonishing presentations)

14. Wall-fm (Build your own social network)

15. Glogster (Create online interactive posters)

16. Wordle (Beautiful Word Clouds)

17.Miccam (Create sentences with Video Vocabulary)

18. QR Codes

19. EasyTestMaker

20. ESLvideo.com (Create activities with videos)

21. Educaplay (Create activities with proffessional appearance)

22. Tildee (Create tutorials with one click)

23. Fauxflash (Create easily free online flash cards)

24. LittleBirdTales (Create digital tale)

25. Knovi (Create Video Presentations)

26. Writecomics.com 

27. Memidex.com (online dictionary)


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