Bee Clip – Create Beautiful Online Portofolios

Bee Clip is a new Web 2.0 app that gives the student the potential to create their own online scrapbooks, online portofolios, collages, moodboards and for many other ways. The user can add images, videos and texts and also can share the scrapbooks online or print a hard copy.  It is free and you can try it without the need to register.  I really like this Web 2.0 app and I am going to use it for some project work with my students.

Here are some excerpts from beeclip website:

Empower creativity

Creativity is all about ideas, not software. The software you use in your classroom should amplify your students’ creativity, not inhibit it. Our easy-to-use, yet powerful, scrapbooks will unleash your students’ creativity like you couldn’t imagine. There are no limits to what they can create on Beeclip EDU.

Engage students

Keeping students engaged is a tough challenge. Our innovative blend of technology and creativity is already loved by students all over the world. Maybe it’s the drag’n drop interface, the cool backgrounds, or commenting on each others’ scrapbooks. Whatever it is, they just can’t get enough.

Save time

Using technology in your classroom should save you time. We’ll have you up and running in a matter of minutes. And once you’re going, you’ll find the way you manage students, projects, and scrapbooks a real breath of fresh air. You don’t need to be a technical whizz to get the most out of Beeclip EDU.


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